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About Us

Private Investigation work in real life in no way resembles the X-Files or CSI. A Successful agency, such as Crump Investigations, becomes successful and stays that way from tough and often uninteresting research work to give our clients the best service possible.

We specialize in all types of Domestic, Civil, Criminal, Industrial and other types of Investigation work. Crump Investigations will handle any problem for you in the strictness of confidence.

Our experienced Investigators are available for a private consultation on any matter. Fully licensed and bonded we can be relied upon to gather information for you in Criminal Charges, Divorce Cases, Insurance Fraud, Missing Persons and any other information that is needed by you.

We will be glad to supply you with business references if you desire. Crump Investigations can be reached 24 hours a day ,7 days a week for your convenience.

Please contact Crump Investigations for more information.

If you want drama, turn on the TV. But, if you want solid, no nonsense Investigative services, give us a call. We don’t specialize in glamour, we get results.