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Civil/Domestic Investigations

Crump Investigations has a team of skilled investigators in Domestic Surveillance. Our team will conduct surveillance 24 hours a day or whatever is necessary to complete the task. Our investigators have over 25 years of Law Enforcement investigation experience. Our experience includes many "High Profile" cases, most investigative results favoring our clients.


If you have a cheating spouse or property to be protected? We have licensed armed investigators that can suit your every need.

We will provide detailed evidence to comply with North Carolina adultery/criminal conversation laws to assist you in civil litigation.

Domestic Violence:

In the perfect world we could have police officers to assist you in your everyday life guarding you from domestic violence. With this not the case, our armed Investigators strive to protect our clients. Its is our motto here "To Protect, Serve, and Guard your Assets".

Child Custody:

  • Surveillance and documentation to determine character and capabilities of custodial parent in custody and visitation lawsuits.

  • Video and/or photographic displays.

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